• Minot's Light

    Minot's Light grows straight from the ocean waters. Not on an island stands it, unlike Boston Light. Not on rocks, unlike Graves Light.

  • Hangman Island

    The hot weather spell that set over our parts for the last week or two urgently required getting out, away from the city, into the ocean.

  • My Bread Method

    It took me many years to fine-tune my method to make it as simple and as time-flexible as possible.

  • Deer Island

    Deer Island is known as the Island of Huge White Eggs, the said eggs visible from many points in the harbor and beyond, and are even charted on the nautical chart---a very rare occurrence.

  • Marblehead Light

    As I begin the story of Marblehead Light, three of my trips immediately come to mind. I will start with a day sail in September two years ago with Sergey, Sonia and Koby.