• Sailing Uncertainty

    In quantum mechanics, there is Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle: it is impossible to know the position and the velocity of a particle at the same time. As soon as we measure one of these two properties, the other one magically vanishes, melts into uncertainty.

  • Sailing Books

    I am asked from time to time to recommend a sailing book, so here is a short list of books on my shelf (to be expanded later). I am not including specialized topics (such as celestial navigation), history books and travelogues (with one important exception below).

  • The Road To Provincetown

    A couple of weeks days ago I helped to deliver a boat, a relatively small Pearson 26, overnight to Provincetown, some 45 nautical miles away. We had very good south-west wind most of the way, and the boat was happily making six or even six and a half knots, which frankly feels to me over her top speed.

  • Rainsford Island

    Rainsford Island was the first reachable-only-by-private-boat island that we have explored, two summers ago, and this is my report which I wrote down back then but never published before.

  • Brant Point Light

    In my Peddocks Island report I started recounting my slow-moving project to explore all the islands in Boston Harbor. There is also another, even slower-moving project: to explore the Boston area and Massachusetts lighthouses. Ideally, this exploration should happen by sailboat, but in real life, we reached some of them by bike or on foot.