• Deer Island

    Deer Island is known as the Island of Huge White Eggs, the said eggs visible from many points in the harbor and beyond, and are even charted on the nautical chart---a very rare occurrence.

  • Marblehead Light

    As I begin the story of Marblehead Light, three of my trips immediately come to mind. I will start with a day sail in September two years ago with Sergey, Sonia and Koby.

  • Boston Light

    Two lighthouses — two towers — protect Boston Harbor: Graves Light marks northern approaches to the harbor, and Boston Light marks southern approaches.

  • Surrounded By Adventure

    Every year, I put together a wall calendar with my photos to give to my friends as a gift. This year’s calendar is about Boston Harbor islands. What follows is a kind of preface to the calendar. (Don’t ask me how I got into writing prefaces to calendars!) Oh, and if you want a copy, let me know.

  • Castle Island

    These days Castle Island is not an island anymore, just a part of Boston. In fact, it is no longer practical to get there by a boat. One reaches the island by car, by bus, and of course by bicycle. And so I went.