• Boston Light

    Two lighthouses — two towers — protect Boston Harbor: Graves Light marks northern approaches to the harbor, and Boston Light marks southern approaches.

  • Surrounded By Adventure

    Every year, I put together a wall calendar with my photos to give to my friends as a gift. This year’s calendar is about Boston Harbor islands. What follows is a kind of preface to the calendar. (Don’t ask me how I got into writing prefaces to calendars!) Oh, and if you want a copy, let me know.

  • Castle Island

    These days Castle Island is not an island anymore, just a part of Boston. In fact, it is no longer practical to get there by a boat. One reaches the island by car, by bus, and of course by bicycle. And so I went.

  • Outer Brewster Island

    Outer Brewster belongs to the group of outer islands in Boston Harbor that sometimes are called just the Brewsters. One of them, Great Brewster Island, we explored the year before. Just like it, Outer Brewster is called by the name of its former owner William Brewster (ca. 1566–1644), the elder and spiritual leader of the Pilgrims, who came to the New World in 1620 on the Mayflower.

  • Georges Island

    One day in September we were meandering around in Boston Harbor under sail. In the boat with me were my esteemed Father, who had just come over from Moscow to visit us, and was looking for new experiences, and Sergey, who had graciously agreed to help us with sail handling.