• Minot's Light

    Minot's Light grows straight from the ocean waters. Not on an island stands it, unlike Boston Light. Not on rocks, unlike Graves Light.

  • Marblehead Light

    As I begin the story of Marblehead Light, three of my trips immediately come to mind. I will start with a day sail in September two years ago with Sergey, Sonia and Koby.

  • Boston Light

    Two lighthouses — two towers — protect Boston Harbor: Graves Light marks northern approaches to the harbor, and Boston Light marks southern approaches.

  • Brant Point Light

    In my Peddocks Island report I started recounting my slow-moving project to explore all the islands in Boston Harbor. There is also another, even slower-moving project: to explore the Boston area and Massachusetts lighthouses. Ideally, this exploration should happen by sailboat, but in real life, we reached some of them by bike or on foot.